Tessa: From Fear to Faith

Do you know someone who has suffered abuse, struggles with addictions, or keeps getting caught on the wrong side of the law? Or perhaps their difficulties are more internal -- fear, loneliness, shame, or abandonment. Whichever it is, chances are good your friend would enjoy reading Tessa: From Fear to Faith. Without preaching, Tessa offers readers encouragement, hope, and real solutions to their problems through Christ. Tessa has been quite popular at the local jails and the juvenile detention center. Even people who don't read books enjoy it. Get a copy for yourself or a friend today; you will be glad you did!

Is there no way out?
The Northford police cruiser described in the book
Tessa loathes being forced to work in her father's illegal drug business. Yet her ill-fated attempts at running away only deepen the abuse. Guilt and shame press in, pushing away her real friends and reinforcing her own criminal tendencies. Tessa yearns for freedom -- and something else. Then a neighbor introduces her to God and salvation through Christ. But will faith be enough? Can she overcome the forces that bind her before it's too late?  

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Field lane like the one going back to Walter's farmhouse

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www.childhelp-usa.com (lots of resources and information)
www.emergingfrombroken.com (awesome website for anyone who has suffered abuse)


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